Our Quality Policy is to increase human living quality as a respectful brand of which quality, safety and efficiency has been proven in health sector since 2003 …. Our vision in conscious of working so much and continuously developing itself Our vision that in conscious of accessing to perfect can be possible only through working hard and developing itself continuously is to take place among the most fast developing and enlarging firms in the health sector to increase life quality of Turkish Consumers in phytotherapy. For this purpose, our company proved its quality through FDA approved products. In the frame of “respect to human” that is the basic foundation of our institution values; Interpharm medicine’s principal commitment is to make required leading, management and coordination activities to provide unconditional customer satisfaction for all individuals and institutions that benefit from its products.

We are as Interpharm San Tic Ltd Şti (Interpharm Industry Trade Co., Ltd.) that is providing service as young, dynamic and modern team believe that we will take place among respectful successful institutions of our country through volunteer participant of its employees and their high performance


image Fred Pestalozzi established Bio-Strath firm in Herrliberg, Swiss in 1961. Today, averagely annual 1,3 million medicine is produced in the plant. Those products are filled, labeled by the machineries and become ready to be exported.

image We are as Inter Pharm San Tic Ltd.Şti. know that to sustain our position that leads in phytotherapy and breaks grounds can be provided only by gaining qualified human resources to our institution and continuously developing and motivation of our holding qualified human resource.

image We are as a company that concentrates on continuously developing, having a flexible structure and sensible against to its personnel give importance thought of our personnel and to make feel this, we perform investments that will add value to them and institution and we also operate our systems in this understanding. We are as Interpharm Medicine has been continuing to success travel since 2003 through growing today..


We always place loyalty to ethic values, credibleness, modesty, voluntariness, team work, working with knowledge, quality and period orientation, giving importance to customer satisfaction, continuously development, innovativeness, open communication, transparency, and leadership and to be entrepreneur values to forefront.

Respecting to society, nature and environment our indispensable values and ‘bridge between nature and human’ principle is our objective ...